Oil and Gas Data Management Workshop
National Science Foundation

Challenges and Solutions for Integrated Management of Environmental, Health, and Community Impact Data Pertaining to the Oil and Gas Industry
A National Science Foundation Sponsored Workshop

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March 7-8, 2016 - Arlington, VA

The goals of this workshop are to identify strategies and propose next steps to improve data discoverability, preservation, accessibility, integration, and utilization for a wide range of end uses, science, policy, regulation, resource and environmental advances in the oil and gas industry. The workshop will serve to inform across and between each stakeholder group about data management needs, status of current system, and future work and directions of the community. Topics include:

  1. The current state of oil and gas datasets and related data resource systems, including but not limited to challenges for the database providers and users;
  2. Discussions towards a national integrated oil and gas clearing house or networked data system, including improving access, assisting compliance, and expanding the types and formats of data currently collected.

Workshop Organizers

  • Melissa Dozier, Managing Director, AWG SRN
  • Paul Jehn, Technical Director, GWPC
  • Adam Peltz, Attorney, EDF
  • Kelly Rose, Researcher, DOE NETL
  • Beth Trask, Project Director, EDF
  • Mark Williams, Data Management Team Lead, AWG SRN

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