AirWaterGas SRN

Welcome to the AirWaterGas Data Portal

The mission of the AWG data management team is to create an integrated data management system for our research network to provide fundamental services for the preservation, discovery, access, analysis, and synthesis of data generated across different sites and research domains.

This data portal is the first step towards fulfilling our mission. Initially, data will be available in bulk download format as either character delimited text files, spreadsheets, or PDFs. As the project progresses, we aim to add database query tools starting with the COGCC and FracFocus databases. Here are few of the sites from which data has been collected:

  • Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
  • Colorado Division of Water Resources
  • New Mexico Oil Conservation Disvision
  • Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
  • Utah Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining
  • Montana Board of Oil and Gas
  • Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
  • FracFocus Chemical Disclosure Registry

Data collection efforts began in the Summer of 2014 with new datasets frequently added. Efforts are underway to periodically refresh datasets, otherwise they are current through stated collection date. If you have a data request, either new data, refreshed data, or filtering existing data, please do not hesitate to contact us.