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Cogcc Complaints


Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) complaint reports with associated well metadata. Complaints can have one to many complaint issues. Complaints can also have zero to many notification records. In cases where there is a single complaint issue, the issue details are contained in the primary complaints data file. If there is more than one complaint issue, refer to the complaint issue details data file. The complaint issue details data file also includes single issues as well. All notification details are in the complaint notifications data file. Identifier columns (id, complaint_id) are specific to this dataset only and are not related to COGCC data records. Document number is the primary COGCC identifier.

Geography: Entire State
Date Range: 08/01/1990 - 09/18/2015
Update Frequency: Quarterly

COGCC Incident Colorado Complaint

Data Source

COGCC COGIS Database - Inspection/Incident Inquiry
Example HTML Complaint Report -

Data were scraped/parsed from HTML using automated scripts.

Date Collected 09/22/2015

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Troy Burke,


cogcc_complaints.csv (3.71 MB) - CSV text file containing complaint report data including associated well metadata where applicable.

cogcc_complaints_issue_details.csv (2.31 MB) - CSV text file containing complaint issue details.

cogcc_complaint_notifications.csv (1.4 MB) - CSV text file containing complaint notification details.


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