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Data Selection

OGCC data is organized in hierarchal table format and grouped by the following categories:

Scroll up and down within the left column and click on a link to view data. In the example below we see tables that contain well metadata. The parent table is Wells and it contains data unique to each well. The next set of tables are indented, this indicates that the data in these tables either belong to a well or represent a reference collection derived from wells. Operators is a reference table that contains a unique list of operators found in the Wells data table. Sidetracks (aka boreholes) represent a subset of well data. Most wells have one sidetrack, but they can have zero to many. As you follow the indentation of tables you see that sidetracks have additional data and so. A typical completed well will have one sidetrack with many casings and one to many completed intervals (aka formations), and each interval can have zero to many formation treatments (aka acid or fracture stimulations).

Query Tool Selecting Data

Viewing Data

You can tab through columns by clicking the ... at the left and right edges of the table.

List View

Query Tool Viewing Data Top

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Detail View

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Filtering Data

You can filter data by two different means. A global text filter and/or filter conditions by data column.

Query Tool Filter Data

Exporting Data

You can export data by clicking the button.

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