AirWaterGas SRN


Data Use

Unless noted otherwise, all data is public and may be freely copied, distributed, edited, remixed, and built upon under the condition that you give acknowledgement. When publishing or distributing this data, please acknowledge the AirWaterGas Sustainability Network, NSF Cooperative Agreement #CBET-1240584. The dataset creators would appreciate hearing of any plans to use the dataset. Consider consultation or collaboration with dataset creators.

Data Availability

Our goal is to release all project-generated data associated with core research areas within 2 years of collection. Dataset creators may chose to publish or release data sooner. These data and accompanying metadata will be available for download from the AWG Data Portal website.


While substantial efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of data and documentation, complete accuracy of data sets cannot be guaranteed. All data are made available “as is". The AirWaterGas SRN shall not be liable for damages resulting from any use or misinterpretation of data sets. Data users should be aware that we periodically update data sets.